Token Marketplace FAQs

Which blockchain do PRE Tokens operate on?

Presearch PRE tokens can be found on the Ethereum blockchain as an ERC-20 token. The token contract can be found here on Etherscan:

How many tokens are for sale?

The maximum number of Presearch PRE tokens that can be created is 500 million. Not all of these tokens are available for sale as some are marked for specific purposes. The current lot size available may vary, but will remain less than the overall maximum total, and in-line with the size of the network and stage of expansion.

How many tokens can I buy?

The maximum number of Presearch PRE tokens that can be purchased in a single order is 100,000.

When I buy tokens, how do I pay?

Payments can be made via Bitcoin, Ethereum and USD through wire transfer or email money transfer in Canada. If you choose to pay via wire transfer, you must agree to pay the bank wire fees. Wire payments received without fees paid may be rejected, and/or have bank fees deducted from the overall payment amount, decreasing the number of PREs you receive.

When will I receive my tokens?

Tokens will show in your Presearch account immediately upon payment confirmation. It could take up to a few hours if you’re paying via cryptocurrency, though it’s usually 30 minutes or less. For those paying via USD, it depends on how long it takes for a wire transfer to be confirmed on our end. On average, it’s the next day. It can be as soon as the same day. If payment is being made from outside North America, it can take up to 5 business days. Email money transfers are usually almost instant and can usually be processed the same day they are sent.

What can I use my tokens for?

Tokens are primarily used to buy sponsorships on We reward members with tokens for searching through Presearch and engaging with sponsored ads. A portion of the tokens you pay goes directly to the searcher. Tokens can also be transferred peer-to-peer to other members.

Why would sponsors want to advertise on Presearch?

Presearch has one of the largest active audiences within the cryptocurrency space, with more than 1.5 million registered users and hundreds of thousands of daily active users. Due to the fact that users are actively searching on Presearch, sponsors can connect with members based on their transactional intent, which is very powerful and targeted. Because members are compensated with PRE tokens, which they value and are passionate about, sponsors get to connect with their audience in a whole new way that rewards them for their attention. There are also opportunities for sponsors that have blockchain tokens to reward engaged members with their own project tokens via easter eggs and other mechanisms.

How can I withdraw my tokens to the blockchain?

To withdraw your tokens, please use the withdrawal section of your Presearch account found here: Choose ‘Savings’ account, enter the number of tokens to withdraw and enter your Ethereum ERC-20-compatible wallet address. You are solely responsible for the safe withdrawal of your tokens. Token withdrawal requests must be manually approved to protect the project from potential safety concerns. Presearch endeavours to approve all withdrawal requests within 3 business days.

When can I sell my tokens on the marketplace?

You can register your interest to sell using this form: link

What price will I be able to sell my tokens for?

You can sell your tokens for any price you like. Buyers will pay based on their own needs, as well as your ability to merchandise your tokens and build a compelling seller profile.

How do I get my tokens into the marketplace?

To start, you'll fill out a form indicating that you’d like to participate in the program. Once the new platform goes live, you’ll need to transfer your tokens into the marketplace (in just a couple of clicks), and then you will be able to create a ‘lot’ of tokens, of the size of your choice.

Where can I learn more about Presearch?

You can learn more at or read the Presearch white paper here: